Mary Robey
Chair, Primary and Secondary Education, Former Cavendish Parent

Helen Berry
Finance,  Cavendish Parent

Liz Blain
Higher Education, Former Cavendish Parent

Mark Chiverton

Alice Gotto
Legal, Cavendish Parent

Kathrin Hake
Sustainability, Cavendish Parent

Don Kehoe
Computing,  Former Cavendish Parent

Dan Matthews

Anthony Poole
Property, Former Cavendish Parent

Paul Rothwell
Marketing, Cavendish Parent

Nicola Rushton
Legal, Cavendish Parent



Governance  The school is constituted as an educational charity and governed by a Board of Governors.  There is a regular progression of membership of the Board which represents a breadth of knowledge and experience to advance the interests of the school.

The school provides annual statutory returns to the Charity Commission ( Reg. No. 312727) and Companies House ( Reg. No. 987480).  The registered office is the school address.

If there is a desire to contact individual Governors, this may be done by writing to the Clerk to the Governors at the school.  If any parent wishes to contact the Chair of Governors, they should do so via the Office, in writing, marked PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL to:

The Chair of Governors
c/o The Clerk to the Governors
The Cavendish School
31 Inverness Street
London NW1 7HB
 Clerk to the Governors:  Mrs Sharon Chen Cooper