Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

We pride ourselves on – and are recognised by our parents for – providing outstanding pastoral care.

This is what makes our school and its pupils so successful: when a girl feels valued, respected, and happy in school, she will succeed inside and outside the classroom. Each girl is treated in a way that makes her feel secure and an important member of the school community; this teaches her independence of thought and allows her learning to flourish.

One way we achieve this is having small classes, with expert and dedicated teachers who have time and energy to really know the girls and build strong relationships with them. The girls feel secure in approaching staff to discuss any worries.

Regular PSHE (personal, social and health education) lessons and activities address obstacles or issues the girls are likely to encounter and how they might navigate them. They are encouraged to take managed risks and explore, to value the lessons that mistakes offer, to question, to think of others and to make a positive difference.

Girls also take ownership of a certain amount of pastoral care, whether in their roles in positions of responsibility (such as House Captain or Wellbeing Champion) or because they are well prepared and supported throughout and so build resilience and are well able to cope with any setbacks. We model a questioning, caring and empathetic mindset and see it adopted in our pupils.

Whether in supporting the girls by encouraging positive learning attitudes and promoting thinking skills for use in the classroom, or helping individuals with any concerns around friendships or home situations such as bereavements, our sensitive and experienced pastoral team and the wider staff take care to address any issues early, in consultation with parents. The result is a secure and joyful environment for your girls.

Things are handled in a caring yet professional manner that inspires confidence in us as parents.

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