Leavers’ Destinations

Leavers’ Destinations

Our girls are always highly successful in their 11+ exams and transfer to some of the best independent and state senior schools in London and beyond, often with academic or music scholarships.

We work closely with each family to draw up a shortlist of schools where their daughter will continue to thrive in the next stage of her education. Our record of getting girls into their first choice school is unrivalled.

We are not feeders for any particular school; we are fortunate to be in an area with many excellent senior schools and we know them well. It follows that our leavers’ destination lists are longer and more varied year to year than some other primary schools’. If your daughter thrives in a highly selective academic school, she will get there from here, while if she responds better to a different environment, we will prepare her for the right school for her. The schools all have their own entrance requirements (though some are grouped into a consortium for exam purposes) and we advise parents and support them through the process. We prepare the girls for the particular exams and interviews they will be facing and they go in confident and secure.

You may have heard that the 11+ is stressful. It is not stressful at The Cavendish School. Our girls continue with all their extracurricular activities (rather than focusing only on maths and English past papers) as this gives them a richer, healthier, happier time and in fact is excellent preparation. Senior schools frequently remark on how well our girls present in interview with natural enthusiasm, social awareness and good humour.

You can see the last few years’ results below, but, broadly, the bulk of our offers tend to come from the following schools:

  • Camden School for Girls
  • Channing
  • City of London School for Girls
  • Francis Holland
  • Highgate
  • Queen’s College
  • South Hampstead

In addition, some girls go to St Paul’s Girls’ School, North London Collegiate, boarding schools, French or German schools, music or drama schools or schools abroad.

Destination of Leavers 2024

We are once again delighted with this year’s 11+ results which reflect the hard work and lively, resilient natures of our girls. They went into these exams well prepared, confident and charming, and came out with their choice of great senior schools

School Offers Acceptances Scholarships
Independent Schools
Belmont School 1 1
Channing School 17 7 1
City of London Girls’ School 7 4
Forest School 7 2
Francis Holland Sloane Square 1 1
Francis Holland Regent’s Park 19 4 4
Highgate School 2 1
Godolphin and Latymer 1 1
King Alfred School 1 1
Maida Vale School 5
Queen’s College School 14 1 4
Queenswood 4 1
South Hampstead High School 6 2
St Albans School 1
State Schools
Camden School for Girls 5 4 1
Grey Coat School 1 1
Parliament Hill School 4 3
St Mary Magdalene Academy 1
St Marylebone School 1 1
Destination of Leavers 2023

Another fine set of 11+ results, with our girls destined to join great schools in Year 7. At the time of writing, of our 25 leavers, 96% have offers from at least one of their preferred schools, 88% have at least two.

School Offers Acceptances Scholarships
Belmont School 1
Brighton College 1
Camden School for Girls 8 4
Channing School 10 4 1
City of London Girls 4 4
Forest School 2
Francis Holland Regents Pk 19 6 6
Highgate School 1 1 1
King’s Canterbury 1 1
Loreto Toorak (Melbourne) 1
Maida Vale School 2
Melbourne Grammar 1
NLCS Singapore 1
Northbridge House C’bury 1
Parliament Hill School 4 1
Queen’s College School 15 4 3
Queenswood 2
Sevenoaks 1 1
Sylvia Young 1
South Hampstead High 3
St Margaret’s School 1


Destination of Leavers 2022

We are delighted to have received 11+ offers from a great many excellent schools once again in 2022. Our Year 6 girls are all ready to begin the next stage of their education at the following schools:

School Offer Accept Scholarship
Belmont School 2 2
Camden School for Girls 5 4
Channing School 14 5 1
City of London Girls’ School 3 1
Forest School 4 3 1
Francis Holland Regent’s Park 15 6 3
Francis Holland Sloane Square 2 1
Godolphin & Latymer School 2
Haberdasher’s Girls’ School 1
Headington School 1
Highbury Fields School 1
Highgate School 3 2
King Alfred School 1
Maida Vale School 5
Marylebone School 2 1 1
Northbridge House Canonbury 2 1
North London Collegiate School 2 1
Oxford High School 1
Parliament Hill School 1
Portland Place School 2
Queen’s College School 15 3 4
Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School 1 1
South Hampstead High School 5 2
St Mary Madgalene Academy 1 1
St Paul’s Girls’ School 2 2


Destination of Leavers 2021

We are delighted to have received 11+ offers from a great many excellent schools once again in 2021. The Cavendish School had 25 leavers this year; these pupils were awarded a total of 66 places including 12 scholarships and awards.

School Offer Accept Scholarship
Independent Schools
Belmont Mill Hill School 1
Channing School 11 4
City of London School for Girls 1
College Francais Bilingue de Londres CFBL 1 1
Forest School 2 1
Francis Holland School 10 2 2
Highgate School 1
Lady Eleanor Holles 1 1
North Bridge House Canonbury 3 1
North Bridge House Hampstead 3 1
More House School 1 1
Portland Place School 3
Sr George’s College (Weybridge) 1
St Michael’s School (Wales) 1 1
South Hampstead High School 4 4
Surbiton High School 1 1
Queen Anne’s 1
Queen’s College 14 2 8
Queenswood 1 1
State Schools
Camden School for Girls 4 4
Jewish Community School 1 1
Parliament Hill School 2 2
St Marylebone School 1
I cannot imagine how the school could have done a better job of preparing the way for the girls.

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