The Curriculum and Beyond

The Curriculum and Beyond

The Cavendish School is a place where girls dare.

Through evidence-based pedagogy and a rich curriculum, together with exceptional pastoral care, the girls become spirited, versatile achievers.

For our girls, the curriculum aims to provide:

  • self- and community-empowerment
  • self-expression
  • a kaleidoscope of knowledge, skills and experiences

These ensure that every girl develops her voice.

This is driven by high-quality literacy and oracy, and the principle that every lesson counts.

Our girls benefit from a vastly extended curriculum including arts, sciences and sport. Creative and expressive arts are woven holistically into the curriculum, as one of the most creative ways to unlock enormous potential in all children and prepare them to become confident young adults. Together with languages (including French from Nursery onwards), sciences and sports taught by specialists, as well as excursions, our Out There! programme and dozens of after school clubs from circus skills to cookery and chess, our offer is a veritable kaleidoscope of subjects to stretch and delight our girls.


Out There!

Space and the great outdoors offer a unique learning opportunity to foster and develop curious and enquiring minds. All our girls participate in Out There! opportunities so they can:

  • Benefit from high-quality outdoor learning experiences and be given the opportunity to take part in risk-assessed, but not risk-free activities
  • Develop reflective and inquisitive thinking along with problem-solving approaches in ‘real’ situations
  • Develop resilience and adaptability
  • Develop a love, appreciation and respect for nature and a deeper understanding of how we can look after our environment
  • Engage in outdoor activities, challenges and teamwork, to grow in confidence and self-esteem
To have a teacher that is so genuinely engaged with your child is, well, priceless.

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